Wednesday, January 28, 2009

temporary makeover of cheap Ikea drawers

You may recognize those "malm" drawers from IKEA. We really needed side tables that didn't show all the crap we have next to our beds... but we don't have lots of money (my husband is in school), so we opted for these drawers because they were affordable, and I know that I can one day transform them into something much cuter...

The temporary fix... I will explain what I really plan on doing, when I have the time, money, and energy: I want to get thin molding and create a smaller rectangle within the rectangle of each drawer. I will paint the molding bright yellow. Within the smaller rectangle (created by the yellow molding) I will do some type of simple design (not too complicated because of the bedding being so busy).

This photo is a washed out close-up of the tape and "ball chain."

The Materials: painter's tape, a paintbrush, and paint!
1. put the tape along the top edge of each drawer.
2. If any part sticks up higher than the drawer, then press it down. On the ends, fold it around the back and press down.
3. You can free hand the painted design or pre-draw it. Paint a couple layers, unless the color of the tape is light and doesn't effect the paint color.
4.You now have a finished temporary re-do! When you get sick of it, you can just take the tape off! If for some reason the painter's tape leaves a residue, use goo-gone. (The tape shouldn't leave a residue though, because Painter's masking tape is less sticky.)


Alice said...

Nice, I need to finish my shelves. Where do you find the energy to do this stuff? My first trimester I was on the couch, SO dead.

Cristy said...

Goo-gone! What a great suggestion. PS- iHEART your bedding!

Em said...

We're excited for the ATL too. We love that city! I like your bed cover. I love the colors. I hope you're feeling okay. Benjamin said you've been sick from the pregnancy. Hopefully you're out of the worst of it! If you here of any job openings let us know (Noelle was just let go, so we're trying to help her out). I wish y'all were here to go to Sundance with us. But we'll just plan other fun things with y'all when we get to the dirty south :)

Em said...

I just realized that my last post was kind of all over the place :) Oh well, you get the idea!

Atlanta: excited
Baby: still making you sick?
Bedding: Awesome

Francisco said...

You really make our house look nice. Thanks. Somehow with school, I still manage to put books on top of the drawers. I need to organize them all again. OX!

Meredith said...


(I almost got that duvet cover, but went with red instead. Did you get it at IKEA?)