Tuesday, April 10, 2012

family memory game

I got this idea 2 years ago. I collected the baby food caps. But they sat there until yesterday when I decided to finally do it. Guess what? It only took about 30 minutes!  It is simple, practically free, and my daughter already LOVES it.


Materials: hot glue (or other glue of choice), circle punch, baby food caps, photos with heads not too large (hard to find in my family of large noggins...).

I paid only the shipping of the photos for this project. I waited until I got one of those emails from shutterfly saying I could get 50 photos free or something like that. And of course the caps came from baby food. This can be great for kids learning the names of their aunts, uncles, cousins, etc but really it is just fun for them to think about and see them as they play the game! I also included some photos of Olivia with the princesses at disney world which she LOVES of course:)

1. punch the faces out
2 glue them
play memory.

(My inspiration came from seeing a family photo/faces fridge magnet diy and a babyfood jar cap memory game. I just put the two ideas together!. voila!)

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Between Blue and Yellow said...

That's so cute, great idea! I put a little photo album together for Amelia a while back, but I'd like to try this too.