Thursday, September 29, 2011

EEK! washi tape magnets

Good ol' pinterest helped me finally use my beloved washi tape. I have had some of these rolls for 3 years. untouched. And the pretty red ones my friend Danni sent me from Thailand! But I loved them so much that no project seemed worthy of their use. Until I saw and pinned this. And last night I had 40 minutes of free time which I hadn't planned anything for, so I made them....

Washi tape (though if you just used the adhesive magnet strips you could also stick on some scrapbook paper or cool fabric)
Adhesive Magnet strips (or other magnet backing found at craft stores) (OR if you want to be cheap, or recycle, you can use those free magnets you get from sales people! you would just need to glue the white paper on top to cover the ad.)
white paper if your magnet is black and not coated with white already.

They are definitely not serving a real function right now, but I love how they look on my fridge! Okay now go make yourself some! (Dearest Danni, if you still read my blog I made some for you with the tape you bought me and I will be sending them to Thailand sometime in the nearish future.)


Alice said...

I love them!

dannii said...

i love you katie. i am so excited. did you make that calendar btw? i collected about 10 more rolls while in kyoto and i can't wait to play with them now!