Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Painted Leggings (Herringbone pattern)

 This is the most simple pattern, and it takes no painting skills! Just some good eyes, and a foam brush. I even let Olivia help me with some of the lines!
Acrylic craft paint (1 or more colors--I used florescent pink martha stewart and gold (some other brand)
foam brush (Pay attention to wideness, as it will help you not have blank areas on the pants. you can do more rows with a narrower brush and less with a wider brush)

1. Put just the tip of the foam brush into the paint. Dab onto the leggings in a herringbone pattern (at a slight angle), one row at a time, changing direction with each row (and/or color).
2. let the first side dry and then turn over and do the other side!
 I was inspired by these people. Seriously, its a husband and wife art school grad duo and if I had more money I would be all over their stuff (adult and kid).
 Don't make my mistake and put lines near the crotch area.... err. oops.  The super cool stays-in-place wired American Apparel knock-off headband she is wearing can be made using THIS tutorial!
 Here is where a wider foam brush would've come in handy, so there wouldn't be that space on the butt. Not too big a deal, but if you are a perfectionist...
I think toddler and baby legs-slash-buns are the cutest things ever. And I love Olivia's new leggings! Okay now go make some for yourself, I know I will be.

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