Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reconstructed Boy Pants: DIY

The finished product. Not quite as cool as the pants below (which are about $60 each), but if you are short on time and have a stash of hand-me-down boy clothes (or girl!!), here is a quick and easy way to give those basic baby pants a little character.
 links to these and more boy ideas found here. P.S The above pants/leggings could also be easily made from scratch, but this is the revamp-your-hand-me-downs version.

Materials needed:
some basic cotton pants
stitch ripper
fabric similar to the pre-existing pant

1.fold your pants in half and cut at an angle (or straight across)
2.Fold your new fabric in half and cut 2 of the same shape as you just cut off the old pants. MAKE SURE YOU ADD IN A SEAM ALLOWANCE for all 4 sides, and extra for the bottom, which you will be rolling up (see the image in #3?--that shows the difference in size for the one I cut off and the one that will be replacing it).
3. see above
4. Use your stitch ripper to undo about an inch of stitches up the inside seam of the existing pants' legs.
5. fold and pin the bottom of your new pant leg bottoms so they equal the same size as the old piece you cut off and top-stitch the  cuff (one line across the top of the cuff, and one across the bottom).
6. pin right sides together and sew the new pant leg, but don't close up the leg on the inseam. (see below #7).

7. You see how we left those inseams open? Now turn the entire pair of pants inside-out and sew up the new inseam so that everything lines up. Clip your strings and you are finished!

Pin it! Do it! Woo hoo! We can make baby boy clothes cool too!!


Jessica said...

oh girl, you know I love a good boy idea! I am crazy about this, definitely trying it for Hendrix!

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

REALLY cute idea! You never know where an Inspiration will lead you. :)

Unknown said...

Great idea, my DS will love it and so will my budget.

seemesew84 said...

Great tutorial! I am featuring on my blog today! (3-9-1013)