Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handmade and Fabulous: Agate Druzi Slice Necklaces

Simple, inexpensive to make (though if you try to buy a premade one they retail around $30-$100) and a really pretty gift to give!
what you will need:
jump rings
looong chains (or short if you prefer)
Agate Druzy Slices (I bought mine at a gem and rock show for $2 each, but you can get them here for about $5 each (when you buy 6)

1. Take your VERY long chain and double it over (if you want 2 lines of chain on each side, like the necklace on the far left) (or keep it normal, like the other 2 necklaces).
2. put one end through the agate's hole, and bring it up to meet the other end
3. At the base where the chain and agate meet, create a knot. (I just kept both sides of the necklace together as I did a regular square knot.)
4. Use a jump ring to connect the two ends of the necklace. (Use your pliers to pry the ring apart.)


Katy said...

I love your style! I really hope we get to hang out (and craft) in West Palm next year. I guess we find out in 14+ hours!

Katy (Francisco's classmate)

Anonymous said...

very nice, i have to make one of these for myself! said...

Those are gorgeous, I love this for a gift idea! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Hinged Glass Door said...

That's so cute and perfect. It is giving such a perfect professional look. So nice, so elegant and so stylish. Thanks for posting