Monday, June 20, 2011

Hanging things on walls

 I've been doing a lot of unpacking, painting, and hanging lately and since I have learned a few tricks over the years for doing these kinds of things (mostly from working at an art gallery and then doing display for Anthro), I thought I would pass my knowledge on to you! This isn't a super fancy fun post, just a tip or two.

Hanging something with TWO holes in it:
I recently bought this uber-popular frame from IKEA (which I painted yellow). It had TWO holes in it. So fun trying to get two nails or screw to be lined up and in the exact spots right?? RIGHT! Its really easy with this trick!

1. put a piece of masking tape (I couldn't find mine--still packed away so I used packing tape) across the two holes.
2. Mark or punch a hole using a pen or marker
3. Put the entire piece of tape on the wall and draw a line from one hole to the next using a ruler.
4. use a level (or in my case-- a very sharp eye:) to make sure the line is level.
5. put your nails or screws right through the dots where you punched/marked them!

How to hang a piece of wood without wire, alligator hooks, etc:
 I started with 7 of these fajita plate holders (scored them all for $1 total!)
 I took a piece of painters tape (I found it!) and marked a hole. I also tore off the sides so that this same piece of tape/template could be used for EVERY PLATE. READ: I didn't have to measure anything for any of the other plates---I USED THIS SAME PIECE OF TAPE WITH THE HOLE IN IT FOR ALL OF THEM.

 First I drilled a hole straight in (a shallow hole, NOT all the way to the other side!!)
Then I went in at approx. a 45 degree angle and drilled a little bit.
 (sorry no photo for this part). THEN 1. I took a LONG piece of masking tape and put it on the span of the wall where I wanted to hang all of these plates. 2. made sure it was level (eyeballed it) and then marked a dot every 10 inches (I pre-measured the wall to make sure they would all fit). I marked the dots ALL at the very top of the tape as my guide. 3. I put a nail through each of these holes at the exact-ish same angle ( I just tried to go in pretty straight).
 And then I hung them!!! (and took off the tape). I was going to paint the insides in a gradient of some color, but I am liking them just how they are for now.  Don't pay attention to the shelves on the left. That is a before-and-after I meant to show later. Pretend you never saw it:)

I hope these tricks help you out! I also have some painting tricks I'll share with you next time...

oh and I am 37 wks pregnant tomorrow. eek. It gets harder and harder to work on this house. The poor baby's room is kinda getting the shaft.  I figure she won't really care.... I'll make it cuter later.


kelly said...

if you'd had a different method, i was going to suggest the masking tape trick :). great minds!

Lepäävä esteetikko said...

Thank you for good tips! Those wooden trays look really fun hanging in a row.

Andrea said...

Your post has perfect timing...can't wait for your painting tips!

Shanicherie said...

I need to see this stuff in person! Love it!

Meredith said...

Great tips! I hate hanging things that require two nails. Lately I've just been attaching wire to them and hanging with one nail (like a painting). I'm excited to hear all about the new baby when she comes! :)