Sunday, November 23, 2008

how to create a lantern...

1. gather branches. you need to make 2 squares about the same size. attach the branches together by using hot glue and twine (or natural string). use 4 more branches as bridges between the two squares you already made. you should have a "cube."

2.melt paraffin wax (at a low temp) in a crock pot, crappy thriftstore pot, or hotplate. I added a scented blue candle to mine to make it look frosty and smell nice.

3.using a cheap foam brush, spread the melted wax onto wax paper (the kind for the kitchen). the more you play with this, you will see what kind of effects you can make with layers and texture, etc.

4. tear the pieces of wax paper and put the newly waxed side out as you carefully hot glue (low temp) them to various part of the branches, making it look like sheets of ice! I also waxed some paper doilies and then cut out letters to make a little banner that said "happy holidays." The possibilities are endless!

If you didn't know this about me before, I used to be a display coordinator for Anthropologie in IL and UT. I took my undergrad love for wax (I had used it in a lot of my work) and waxed up just about every thing I could when I made displays for them. This lantern is a spin-off of a largescale piece I did once.


Alice said...

I love wax too! Teach me more:)

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Kortman I found u!!!! ^^

u probably dont know who I am! lol!
....Just call me "Stalkarazzi...(well if u remeber that insider)

damn! I just spilled some water on my desk *rips tiny piece of Napkin to clean it w/* yea, my "Talent has been flourishing..

btw, these r all clues for u 2 figure out how I am lol!

so yea, please plase E-mail me! plz??? so we can keep in touch, and u could see my lastest works!

ps: that latern is awsome...seems like something they would put in a really fancy resturant!!!