Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make it: The American Apparel Head Wrap

So I used my groupon to American Apparel awhile back to buy a few things, including this genius little wired headwrap (not pictured). I knew I could knock it off easily, but wanted to bring it home as a reminder and to figure out JUST how to do it. Have you seen them? They are the answer to my "wish I knew how to wrap my hair in a turban or wear a fabric headwrap" woes. I can never get any of that stuff to stay on my head. Enter the WIRED headband. problem. solved. And here is how you can solve your totally major head-wrapping problems too-------->

Ruler (yardstick is best)
wire cutters
 1 yd of fabric
PLASTIC COATED WIRE (called "clothesline" wire) (NOT NOT NOT the wire I have photographed above)

TIP: Cut fabric to make a bunch at once. Its not a hard project, but you might be done with it after making one, so you might as well make a bunch at once!
 1.cut your fabric, I did 1 yd by 7.5 inches but you can make it longer and wider if you want (I think I will on my next one!). (NOTE: I did a layer of fabric and tulle on this headband, the tulle is the OUTSIDE ("right" side) and the orange is the inside ("wrong" side).
2. cut your wire 1 yd and bend the ends (the plastic coated wire will only need to be bent over one time unlike the photo shown).
3. take your long stip of fabric and fold it over so that the "right" side or what you want to be the outside (showing) is on the outside (we are doing a french seam).
4. sew a 1/4 in seam.
5.trim it down to about 1/8in or less. (important in a french seam)
6. turn it inside-out so that the "wrong/inside" of your wrap is now on the outside.
7.Now you are going to flatten the seam and sew ANOTHER seam. This will form a tube for the wire to be inserted into so make sure it is wide enough to easily fit the wire. Mark where you want to sew with a piece of tape to help guide your fabric.
8. this is what it should look like! almost there!

 9. turn it right side out.
10. see that french seam? Stick your wire in that, making sure both ends of the wire have been bent so they don't poke through the fabric.
11. tuck in both ends of the wrap, making sure you can sew with out hitting the wire! now sew it shut.

I couldn't get myself photographed in it either because of a bad hair/face day or because it was too dark/bad weather. So, alas, I turned to the mirror. I like to wear mine all twisted, like a faux bow, or like a turban (not pictured) but my mom is a fan of the extreme bow/bunny ears at the bottom. Fun, but I am sure it would elicit weird looks in conservative wellington, FL!!!!

I made a little mini version for Olivia out of a scrap of heart fabric. She actually kept it on her head!!!!!!! what? craziness.


Shira said...

katie, you look gorgeous!!!

Marie said...

that is adorable...i want to try one for my daughter too...she is into girly stuff

Anonymous said...

thanks for reminding me of these. I used to back them for my daughter when she was little, now I have the grandbabies to do it all over again with. What a cute thing to go with outfits I make.

Lesley said...

ooh i love this! don't know how i missed it. you looks beautiful! olivia is so darn cute in her mini version.

Lepäävä esteetikko said...

This is such a great idea! You both look great, especially in that big bow! Having been short/bob haired most of my life I've difficulties to orientate with hair accessories. And I really have difficulties to cope with my 3-years old daughters long hair. Thanks!