Sunday, May 10, 2009

More stuff for baby!

Crib sheet (I will be making a different one now that I have slightly changed the color scheme for the baby's room), crib skirt, crochet banner, flannel blanket
Crocheted pyramids, when opened...
Crocheted pyramids, when closed (well one of them closed).
I made these with the triangles my husband crocheted (I was making the banner pictured up top, and he wanted to help, so I taught him how to crochet... unfortunately I didn't use them in the actual banner, but wanted to do something with them so he could feel like he'd help make something for the baby)..

How to make:
1.Crochet or knit a triangle with 8 inch sides or larger.
2. Trace and sew a felt triangle to one side of the crochet.
3. mark off sides of pyramid, by folding in a large corner of the triangle and then stitching on top (this will create a ridge on the outside, so that it stays in the shape of a pyramid when closed)
4. Attach velcro to tips of pyramid. I hot glued the velcro on. And I put on a large soft piece of velcro on one tip, and a piece of the scratchy velcro on the other two tips. (so the 2 sides attach to the 3rd)
5. Hot glue different shapes and patterns in a contrasting hue to the felt on the inside of the pyramid.

These little guys can be thrown around as a pyramid ball or they can be opened up to reveal fun patterns!

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