Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fringe-y top tutorial (NO SEWING!!)

 I am moving tomorrow to Florida (May 6) so it may be a few days or more before I get another post Anyway, this is a SUPER easy little way to spruce up an old shirt! And I am going to show you how!

Materials needed:
-shirt (I converted an old shirt of mine into a smaller one for my daughter, but you can just use a shirt that already exists)
- t-shirt fabric (either by-the-yard or from an old t-shirt you don't mind cutting up)
-pinking shears
 1. cut strips to your desired width and length. Pink the bottom edge of each strip.
2.Using regular scissors cut a straight line in between each pinked point, but don't go all the way to the top! ...leave a little space up there!
3. apply a small strip of steam-a-seam to the long, non-pinked edge of each strip
 4. lay them all out on your shirt and decide how you want them spaced. Remove all but the bottom fringe (leave the most southern strip on the shirt and remove the top ones).
5. Iron that first one on. Repeat by adding each strip on top of the previous one, making sure you overlap the fringe to disguise the straight line of the strip before.
And you are finished! Sorry I don't have my cute little model, Olivia to show you this one on. I think I will make a version for myself as well....


Marianne said...

Oh, this is just darling! I might try and make one this weekend.

Shareena said...

This is brilliant!! I love how simple it is! Thanks!

Taylor {Sew Much Love} said...

That is sooooo cute! i'm totally doing this for myself!

I'm sad I just missed you Katie! We just moved to Atlanta on the 6th! But I hope everything is going wonderfully for you guys in Florida! Oh and i'm so so so sorry to hear about your house! That stinks! Good luck with everything in the future!

Rina said...

I hope you had a smooth move. Ha ha.

Cute shirt. And no sewing, you say? I may have to try this out and make matching shirts for me and the girl child.

Anne said...

This is so cute!! I linked to your tutorial here:

Warm regards,

Sylvia/Georgia said...

I love this! Looks like a great project for me and my granddaughter (she's 6).

Yoga with Gaileee said...

Sew Sew (no Sew) cute! Just love it! I may have to venture and do this with DD shirts!



super easy n super cute :)