Monday, October 25, 2010

Homemade Cleaners!!

 So, if you follow me on facebook, then you know I was making my own cleaning solutions a couple weeks ago. I am finally posting about them! I have loved how well they've worked so far, and I have one more I plan on making as soon as I get another spray bottle ( I just recycled the spray bottle above, it used to hold window cleaner).
The reason I decided to make my own stuff was less about money (because with coupons I can get most of my cleaners for close to free), and more about being non-toxic (since I have olivia around) and less harmful to the environment. And of course, because I just love making my own stuff!

So I will give you a few links to the recipes I used and then some tips.
 All Purpose cleaner 
Nasty Germ Killer
Homemade "clorox" wipes
Whole bunch of earth-friendly and non-toxic recipes

My Tips:
The cheapest place to buy castille soap (that I found) is Trader Joe's (8.99 for 32 oz), otherwise try amazon...
You can get tea tree oil at walmart if you can't find it anywhere else.
The cheapest place to get Borax is Target (cheaper than walmart even!)
DON'T waste your time with cheap spray bottles (like the ones at walmart). They don't work with these homemade solutions! I just reused an old spray bottle. You can also buy them on Amazon:)

 Swiffer trick:
I bought some microfiber cleaning cloths at the dollar store which I have been putting on my swiffer instead of buying their cloths. I just spray the floor with my all-purpose cleaner and then use my microfiber swiffer to clean the linoleum. so easy, so fast!

So the funniest thing about making all this stuff is that I really don't like cleaning in the first place. Everyone said I was crazy for giving myself extra work by making them, but I've been much more excited about cleaning ever since!


Andrea said...

When I saw this post was all about homemade cleaners, I almost ignored it, because 1) I also hate to clean, and 2) I probably should be cleaning now, rather than reading blogs...but that last paragraph of yours caught my eye...I wonder if I had a little more invested in the endeavour if I might be more into it.

Carrie @carrieloves said...

Thank you for all the great information! I've been thinking about making my own cleaners, I've even bought a lot of the ingredients, just haven't gotten around to it, but with all of this info. I have no excuse. Great post & I now have a new blog to follow! xoxo

lisa said...

When you say you spray the floor and then use your Swiffer I am thinking you mean you aren't using the Wet Jet. You can put your solution in your Wet Jet. Let me know if you want to know how if you aren't doing it already. It's super easy.

Emily @ Live Renewed said...

Love homemade cleaners! Thanks so much for the link love!

Teddi said...

excited about cleaning? have u been inhaling the homemade bleach wipes? ;)

Megan said...

i'm not a big cleaner either, but i found i was also more excited to clean when i made some nontoxic, yummy smelling all purpose cleaner.