Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY dotted kid shoes

Okay so this is not really a new tutorial for my blog, but the last one was so long ago that I thought I'd do a new post!

I saw the above photo on pinterest (of course....) but it happened to be from one of my favorite bloggers! Nina makes amazing things and clothes her adorablely Dutch daughter in AMAZING clothes. If there is one blogger out there who's child wardrobe I covet, it would be hers. hands. down.

Anyway, she has these shoes on her wish list. First thing I thought when I saw them was "dream kid shoes" and then next thing I thought was "I can make those polka dot ones." And so, after finding these pink pleather high top baby shoes at H&M I set out to make some "dream shoes!"

Acrylic Paint (I used the art kind, but I think you can use house paint or craft paint as well)
paint brush or cotton ear swab!

1.paint the shoes. done.

I hand-painted mine and I think that A. I chose the wrong color (it dried much different than the burnt sienna it started out as) B. I should've used a cotton swab so the dots were all the same(ish) diameter. Oh well. I almost drove the 45 minutes back to H&M to get another pair and do it over and then realized I was just being silly and vain. So these will work fine. Can't wait for Amélie to fit into them!


Lesley said...

i also saw those shoes and thought they were insanely awesome. i love the wau your polka dot shoes turned out. you are so creative. i would never actually think of reinventing shoes! you go girl.

Cristy said...

I have to say I love the shoes you made - color, different dot size - I know it's frustrating when you have a vision and it doesn't turn out exactly what you pictures, but they look so adorable! By the way, without a computer it's been so long since I've actually visited your blog - it looks awesome!!!

toms shoes said...

Pretty nice shoes, as pretty as babies, I think shoes are required for babies too as they are soft and sophisticated for babies.

Tasha Guinn said...

I like the irregularity of the sizes!