Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweater to swiffer= pretty clean slash clean pretty

 1.you start with this (or something like it), a sewing machine, your dry swiffer, and some pins.
 2. you turn it right side up, put the swiffer on top, then fold over the top and bottom edges (I cut out the tag first).
 3. you pin where you will need to sew. I pulled it toooo tight the first time (which is the photo pictured above), and ended up having to make another one b/c I couldn't pull this one over the swiffer! so pin it looser than you might think.
 4. remove the swiffer and then cut out your rectangle, leaving about 1/2 inch on the sides.
 5.Turn it right side out, curl the raw cut edges under, and then sew down each side. (I did a lot of backstitching to make it sturdy)
6. Stick it over your swiffer, spray some floors with your homemade (or not) cleaners, and watch it work beautifully, and look beautiful while doing the job! (I usually use microfiber towels on my swiffer, but turns out this works even better because of the rougher texture.)

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Anonymous said...

Now that is genius!