Monday, November 29, 2010

Handmade and Fabulous: Handkerchief Pillows

Easiest pillow ever, and its made from a vintage Handkerchief (a large one)! Here is how you can make it:

1-2 vintage Handkerchief/tea towel (usually $2 or less at vintage and thrift stores)--larger the better
stuffing (not the kind you eat)
sewing machine
hand needle and thread
1. lay out your handkerchief(s). If you have small ones, then you need 2, if large then just one.
Iron them so they are wrinkle-less (or spray them with water and shake).
I dyed a whole bunch of the ones pictured above a pretty aqua...
You can also layer a few on top of each other and sew them down (dyed aqua one is the third layer in this pillow topper).
2. If you have one large one, then just fold it over and pin it on all three sides. If you have TWO, then lay them on top of each other and pin them on all four sides.
3. sew around the open sides, leaving an opening somewhere in the middle of one of those sides.
4. stuff it.
5. hand sew the opening shut.
DONE! Wasn't that an easy tutorial? For an only slightly more complicated pillow tutorial, try this one (scroll down).
(sorry its a different handkerchief than the one pictured)

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Bec said...

Oh its gorgeous... i bet it is the softest pillow ever... xx just found your blog... i must have been hiding under a rock!! xx its gorgeous!! xx