Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally something for myself!

Before the birth of my baby girl, Olivia, I used to sew all sorts of things for myself. I have tons of dresses, shirts, and collars that I made for myself back in my baby-less days (I am in the process of taking photos of some of these things for you all to see). Now everytime I make something it is to adorn my miniature best friend. And I love it. BUT sometimes I have the urge to make something for myself again. This happened a few weeks ago when I made this shirt.  

Well, I didn't make the shirt, I just adorned it because I love the fit of the shirt, but the color looks horrible against my face. And below was my process (nothing you haven't seen me do on a onesie, but I will recap it nonetheless)
sewing machine
This is a ONE LONG NAP project (approx. 1 1/2 - 2 hours)

1. cut out a bunch of thin leaf-like shapes and a bunch of circles.

2. Sew the leaf shapes to the circles (don't forget to backstich at the ends). This process will go faster if you continuously feed them through the machine rather than snipping the threads at the end of each circle. when they are all sewn, THEN you can snip the threads connecting them.

3. Use this stuff to iron on a piece of fabric to your shirt.

4. THEN, figure out what arrangement you want for the little circles and pin them down... It took me awhile to make a final decision with this one!
Finally, sew them all down!! This part takes awhile, but in then end you will be so happy with your shirt, that it will have been worth the 20 minutes or so:)


Jessica said...

That's really cute. I've never thought to use felt to embellish a grown-up shirt, but it looks real classy. (one might even say gussy?)

Lesley said...

you look so skinny! the top is rad. looks just like you<3

sarah marie. said...

you look sooo good katie!

Alice said...

Darling. You look really good!

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

i was just thinking that i wish i could pull off that color as well as you do, haha. it looks great against your face, but you've definitely made it even cooler!

Courtney said...

Oh Katie I love it! I think I'm actually going to try this one. You have officially inspired me.

Very Shannon said...

OHhhhhh, love this! It looks fab! I also love the new banner. Don't worry, I struggle with the same blog design issues as you do and still haven't figured out how to get things working the way i want them to.

Nancy said...

This is awesome, love the colors and design. Good for you! I'm a classmate over at Indie Club, just thought I'd stop by to support you. ;)

mushbelly said...

LOL - I'm sorry all my readers said mine was cuter! Its just because they know me and are trying to be nice. Yours is adorable - I obviously think so since I copied it!

thursday said...

I adore this project! I'm totally bookmarking this for a future project.