Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm in an indie craft fair!

This is THE place to sell your "indie" (not mauve straw wreaths) crafts in ATL. It is a juried event, so they don't just let anyone sell at the event. Anyway, it will be my first craft fair (except the side show stint I did a couple weeks ago in my friends booth at a local high school), and I can't wait! I need to make my booth standout, without spending lots of money, which makes me feel like I am at Anthro again (make this place look amazing, expensive, vintage, artistic and only spend a tiny amount of money). Anyway, hopefully it will bring more sales to my ETSY shop, because I haven't done any promoting besides emailing my friends. I'm excited! Anyone who lives here, please come visit me at the event!

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ed and brooke said...

How fun! I'm sure you'll do fantastic. I wish I could come. Congratulations!