Thursday, November 13, 2008

come see me this weekend!

It should be a blast at Indie Craft Experience this weekend! It costs $5 to get in (its indoors), and there are booths with awesome indie handicrafts (no mauve wreaths) and little "how-to" crafting stations, etc. I will be in booth 46 (and I just made the coolest fixtures for my goods). I have lots of new things that haven't been posted on the website, so come check it out! For more details on where it is go to:


Lesley said...

It was great meeting you! I posted a little ditty on my blog! Enjoy:)

stephanie alaine said...

i am so so so sad! ironically, i was in ATL this weekend visiting a friend and i totally missed this memo! i love your blog (so fresh) and your work----i'm sure we'll cross pathes another day but reading this is literally heart breaking. sO sO gLad for your successes this past weekend!!!