Monday, December 1, 2008

christy wooke

This is the work of the adorable christy wooke, whom I met at the Indie Craft Experience a couple weeks ago. She was so nice, constantly giving me positive feedback, and giving me confidence in my selling ability (which I needed considering it was my first show, and I had only had 14 sales on my site at the time). She and her boyfriend were sitting across from us during the whole thing, so we chatted a few times throughout the day. If she lived closer to me, I would totally have wanted to be her friend! She is so talented and down to earth. OH yeah, I guess this post should be more about her artwork, well she does these cute little illustrations which I love, on pins, magnets, cards, and hooks. She HAND PAINTS each one. they aren't silkscreened! (painting takes WAY longer.)Check out her site!

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