Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank you Willow!

If you have ever met Willow Withy/Batt, then you know how amazing of a person she is. She seems to know a little bit about everything (incredibly smart). She is also the most self-reflective, perceptive, and thoughtful individual I have ever been friends with. We became friends while I lived in Chicago. I had been in desperate need of a friend who understood me both artistically and spiritually, and though she was only 18 at the time, we became friends instantly. Her sophistication and depth of knowledge in things related to art and to life has always baffled me (in a good way).

I am writing this because she just featured me on her sight, and when I saw it I was stunned. How could someone so talented and amazing think I'M cool? If I could have one tenth of the depth of her concepts in my own art, I would be a much much greater artist. check her site out for beautiful insight and thoughts on art, color, and everyday design.

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Anonymous said...

Katie, I love you!! I had no expectation of compliments in return for that post- really I just think you're amazing and have great things to share with the world. If I could be the person to introduce anyone to the greatness of Katie Rosebrough Kortman I was going to take full advantage of the opportunity! This post made my eyes get all teary with gratitude. Thank you. No man is an island.