Monday, November 16, 2009

PLEASE OH PLEASE vote for me!!!

Okay so there is this contest on OHDEEDOH my favorite children's design website. And I submitted Olivia's room and..... they picked it to be in the running! SO MORE than ANYTHING... PLEASE OH PLEASE go over there and give me a "thumbs up!" my eligibility (to be voted on) ends at 1:30 pm on Thursday 11/18.

oh... and you will have to click the "thumbs up," (next to my entry) then it will ask you to sign up for a comment account-- you can do this so fast, and they won't send you emails. Then go back, sign in by clicking on "comments" then scroll up the page and click on the thumb sign again. this time it will actually count. I KNOW THIS SEEMS LIKE A LOT TO ASK, BUT I AM BEGGING YOU. I NEED A LOT MORE VOTES TO MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND!!!!

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