Sunday, January 17, 2010


right before christmas I was looking at the website and came across this neckpiece that cost, well too much. I have always LOVED the seventies tie neck look (much to my mother's dismay).  And then I realized, DUH why not just tie one of my sashes around my neck!!! Instant drama to a boring outfit!!! Its my new favorite accessory! Sorry for the shot of me that looks up my nostrils. I was taking the photo in the mirror, and trying to not get the camera in the picture. this nostril shot.


{irene} said...

Girl!!! I love the bow!!!!!so cute! you are so creative!

carly mary said...

that looks gorgeous.
what a bright idea.
it looks really cute!

Alice said...

WHY WOULD ANYONE PAY $130 for THAT! You're so hip:)

Anonymous said...
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