Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If this were scrapbooking, then I'd do it.

 I am not a scrapbooker.  Not that the idea of it isn't great: preserving memories with a little journaling about what happened, etc. Its just usually not my style. PLUS I find it MUCH more time and cost effective to just make my books on BLURB (which is by far the best of all the book printing websites, because you can save them to your computer and don't need the internet to work on them, and they print in high quality).

But IF I were to make a scrapbook page, or even a little "Ode" to each child (I only have one child now, but figure I will have a couple more in the future), that I could frame and hang somewhere, then I would use these artpieces as my inspiration. They are by Anthony Zinonos and I found him on one of my favorite websites: POPPYTALK.  Just a little inspiration for your Tuesday afternoon:)


sarah said...

totally inspired. thanks. (i use blurb too - did you know it can "slurp" up blogs? super cool)

Simone J said...

Hey there! I'm a fellow student of Indie Business 2.0. I've created a group on Facebook to tide us over until the class starts. Come join if you'd like!



Sarah said...

I love this idea. A more sophisticated take on collage- genius.