Friday, March 19, 2010

{dyed hands}

you all know how much I love dyeing things. I mean, I post about it EVERY time I do it!! by now, you're saying come on katie, please post about something else!!! haha. well, here I go again. only this time I am featuring my hands, instead of all the fabric.

I HATE using gloves to dye things. Back when I worked as a display artist/coordinator for Anthropologie, I was always dyeing all my fabrics to create new displays. I attempted the gloves a few times, but I always thought it was better when I had actual contact with the fabric. I felt sorta blind with that glove barrier between me and the fabric. My husband and I started dating while I was still working for Anthro, and I think he only saw my hands their natural color a few times in the yr and a half we knew each other:)

anyway, a week ago I had these blue-green hands pictured above. My husband kept making Avatar comments, and the ladies at JoAnn's kept asking me if I was cold:) luckily it all washes a away in a couple days!!


Shanicherie said...

Cold? If they really thought that was natural, wouldn't they think you were the living dead? Haha!

Alice said...

that's hilarious. I always had paint all over my hands when in school. All of my maturnity clothes have paint on them...because I was always painting furniture.

handmadecharlotte said...

i love it....your hands look like of my favorite things to do too...rachel