Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love to collect... (part three)

Okay this looks pretty sad for a collection, but I really do more than this, these are just the ones I have on display in my home (I've since added to this display of geodes, but I took this photo awhile ago.
Geodes. I know what you are thinking. Collecting geodes isn't "cool." maybe collecting vintage collars or old buttons would be (but those two give me good cred right?). But I love them. They never cease to amaze me! This love began when I visited the little science museum at the University of Utah, and saw this amazing exhibit of the largest geodes in the world (some of them). I couldn't believe that these huge multi-faceted blocks of color existed in nature!

I see a little chartreuse stone, all rough and rugged and I am smitten. (Let me say though, that I DON'T love the polished ones. I like em rough.<---- thankfully no guys read this blog (that I know of)).  I won't ever have a geode glass case or anything, but I like to have them around the house. And to wear them around my neck. And to create artwork inspired by them (see above).


Emilyah said...

Whatever, geodes are totally awesome!! Okay, honestly I'm a nerd and have a little collection in the basement from my childhood when I was strangely obsessed with rocks and minerals. haha.

Darcey said...

" 'em rough?" are so funny:)

Misty said...

We were recently at downtown Disney in FL and at the Rainforest Cafe/dinosaur store they let you pick a rock that is gauranteed to have some kind of geode in it. They use this high powered splitting machine and chop it open. The kiddos loved it and it was really interesting.