Thursday, October 21, 2010

getting into the halloween season

 I finally put up my halloween decorations today! I know, it took me long enough, I mean halloween is in a week... oops! well, at least I did it. I didn't do much though since I will have to take them down soon:)
 I don't know which is scarier... the "cobwebs" on the chandelier, or the way we tied it up higher and left all the cords looking so bad! And why must every apartment have a brass chandelier??? Can't they do it in any other color??? I have had the idea to wrap it in fabric or something like that (which I am pretty sure I did when I worked at anthro, but have never actually done it.
 I die cut these sculls and circles at my mom's house house last year to make the banner.
And speaking of awesome die-cuts and my mom's wicked, spooky, but stylish halloween decor, check out these black crows she is selling in her shop! (more on that later:)
 (this was her set-up last year)
You can buy them here!
And I made Olivia's halloween costume today! She is going to be Olivia (the pig). I have been wearing her pig nose around the house in hope that she will want to wear it to all our Halloween festivities if she sees how much I like wearing it.... (since she does that with everything else!).

We WERE going to all go as the family in  Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox for Halloween, but when we realized we had no adult costume parties to go to, well I really didn't feel like going to all the trouble of making the costumes. maybe next year!


Jessica said...

I love your skull banner!

I have wanted to go as Mr. Fox ever since I saw this video:

it looks super easy, you just make the head out of a paper bag. But whether we dress up or not, I hope to make Hendrix a fox costume of some sort.

Alice said...

I can't wait to see Olivia in her pif costume.

Charissa said...

Re: the brass chandelier...YES. That could almost be a shot of our dining room ceiling (proof! (at bottom)).

Also, I am amazed at your mom's Halloween decorations...we never did much besides jack-o-lanterns growing up. Now we know where some of your talent comes from!

Hannah from FlyChicks said...
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Hannah from FlyChicks said...

too funny! we are actaully watching olivia this very moment! cute costume. happy halloween! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks katie! xxoo MOM

Teddi said...

holy halloweeness batman