Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inspiration station.

 I could totally see this as something Anthro would have given me as inspiration for a display. And I would have been ALLL OVER THAT. LOVE these butcher paper leaves. If I were still getting paid to make stuff like this, then I would love to take all the time to make some for my own home. trouble is I am only getting paid to make hair accessories at the moment. And I don't have no time fo no paper leaves. Article here.

AGAIN my friend Irene has a very cute idea for photos. As you all know I am a lover of accordion paper fan circle things, so I just died when I saw how cute these turned out! I love all the colors and patterns she chose. I may be doing something like this very soon. but again, I don't have no time (haha)!
You know I love to dye. love love love to dye things. Well, I have a large batch of felt that needs to be dyed soon, and you can sure bet that IF I REMEMBER I will be trying out some shibori! I love the way it looks!
My friend Sarah saw a tutorial on Little Green notebook showing you how to paint your rugs pretty. Every since Sarah posted her house makeover I have been dying to paint some cheap Ikea rugs myself! (but remember that little thing about no time?----maybe I should just quit blogging since it takes up some of that precious time!----kidding. sorta).

anyway! hope you all left my blog inspired. thanks to everyone out there making all these things that I only dream of having time to do! (maybe after the holiday season is over my headbands won't be blowing out of the stores and I can have a little rest.....)


sarah marie. said...

ooh thanks girl!

sarah marie. said...

ps.. i have a million of your diy's that i want to do and hopefully someday i will find some time.

{irene} said...

thanks girl!you rock!