Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handmade and Fabulous: Painted Shoes

(Yes this is an old tutorial of mine.) 
This is not one of those "spray paint your shoes" tutorials. No, this is something for the artist-at-heart on your gift-giving list.  It involves some imagination (you come up with your designs), but it is SO MUCH FUN to do! For Gift-Giving I would either buy some inexpensive shoes, or some cool vintage heels from the thrift. I really want some painted dress shoes...
Here is the super easy tutorial:

*an old pair of leather shoes
*acrylic paint (the art kind, not the craft kind)
*pen (if you are scared to freehand)

1. decide what colors you want to paint the shoes, and what designs.
2. If needed, use a ballpoint pen to LIGHTLY draw out your designs
3. Paint directly on the shoe!!
4. Let dry for a few hours before wearing.

I painted these 3 years ago and they have still held up! hooray!

1 comment:

They call me aggie said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Our color styles are very similar. Every color combo you pick out just happens to be on my favorite list.
Red and blue? LOVE it!