Sunday, November 28, 2010

Olivia's first ornament

When I was growing up my favorite thing about putting up the Christmas tree was finding and hanging the ornaments that we had made (and been gifted) over the years.  We never had one of those matching or themed trees (not that those are bad), but it always looked beautiful and it was full of memories.

I want to start a tradition with my children (just Olivia for now) where we make an ornament together every year. Since Olivia was only 15 months when we made this one (yes I put up my tree about 2 weeks ago!!!.....). I figured the only thing we could really do was to color one (and she is an avid drawer these days). So I cut a square out of a pretty piece of paper and let her go to town.
 I then cut around the lines she drew, making a more organic shape, hole punched it, trimmed it with my hand-dyed wool felt, and then strung some ribbon!

Its nothing fancy, but its a perfect first ornament for a one year old I think:) I can't wait to tell her about it next year when she is 2 and we trim our tree!
And do you remember my tree skirt tutorial from last year? I love mine!


Teaching with Grace said...

Beautiful! I've heard a bunch of great traditions this year. I love yours. It's sweet and extremely meaningful! I might have to start this for my babies this year :)

Cristy said...

Such a great idea, and love the tree skirt!

Emily said...

Olivia's ornament is so cute! This year, as Quentin and I decorated the tree, he was old enough to really appreciate each different ornament for each year of his life. I've never made one, but have definitely been thinking about doing that this year.

And seriously, that tree skirt- adorable! I had a bit of a paint spill (okay, a gallon!) in my closet a few years ago. I lost a couple of purses to it and it put a new spin on my old tree skirt; I haven't replaced it yet, but with all your tutorials, I can just MAKE a new one:):):)