Wednesday, February 23, 2011

color and stripes

Kate Spade Ads (oh so colorful and inspiring) + This Tutorial + Ikea fabric (+ photoshop) =

(In my ideal world I would have taken multi-colored streamers and laid them across the grass to mimic the painted road stripes. photoshop had to do.)

 The tutorial I followed to make this skirt was SO EASY!!! And it links to a great tutorial on putting in invisible zippers which have always daunted me. I plan on making another one of these skirts after I have the baby. (note: I added my own trim and I deleted the bow from the tutorial.)

Below are a few outtakes from out photoshoot. I had fully intended on being shot alone, but Olivia would have none of it. luckily she's so cute it only added to the pictures!
you can see my belly sticking out in this one!

 I never know what to do when I am "modeling" my creations. At this exact moment Olivia walked into my shoe/ I kicked her and knocked her over. OOPS!
 she can't resist her momma and I can't resist her! (FYI: Olivia is wearing an Oilily dress that I scored at a thrift store (along with a bunch of awesome French clothes) for $3!!!!!! I was so stoked when I found it.

 awkwardly trying to get a shot of my skirt...

And since I can't get enough of the stripes... I made this for Olivia!
  I made this for her Friday night and had her model it the next morning. I can't get enough of it!
  (she was staring up at a dog on the balcony and barking at him.)

Tutorial (for an adult size and child size) coming soon!

 I also made these a few weeks ago using some of my favorite Ikea stripes. Olivia LOVES these to play on, lean up against, etc. So glad I took the time to make two (one for the baby) because they are easy but labor intensive.

 and.... a sneak peak of a colorful tutorial coming soon for one of my favorite upcycling projects of the new year!


sarah marie. said...

katie you seriously make me roll. i laughed out loud that you knocked olivia over while modeling. and i die over that shirt you made for her! by the way when in the world do you have time to make all this?

Misty said...

Yummy yummy yummy!
I think I've knocked over a child or two while "modeling"

Diana Smith said...

I LOVe that shirt you made for Olivia! Its soo cute and girly! I can't wait for the tutorial!

The Smith Circle

Mrs. Dull said...

Sooooo cute! I love the skirt! Do you think you can wear it during your whole pregnancy? I am looking for some cute things to wear while getting bigger. I am 16 weeks pregnant now, so still half a year to go!

blueeyedfreckle said...

1. I am so glad I could make you laugh sarah. It was pretty funny slash sad when I kicked her over! and I just make everything when she naps and at night!

2.Mrs.Dull: I think if you made the band thinner and intentionally sitting around your hips, then you could use it during pregnancy. Or you could make the band out of a stretch cotton material, which would probably be best!

Lisa said...

You two could not be cuter. I love all the color!

Michelle @ Twig said...

Can I just hire you to make me all this stuff???!!! Love it all.

Stephanie said...

Ahh! You are so flippin' creative! I love checking out your blog to see what fun, new things you have made:) Thanks for the inspiration!