Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just bought our first house!

So yes, my husband is still in Med school, but I just couldn't bear one more year of apartment living. Plus where we are moving (South Florida) it costs more to rent than to buy right now (well, for the kind of house we can afford).  Either way, our expenses are tight, but in a house I get... a BACKYARD!!! and a DRIVEWAY!!!! These may not sound like much to you, but since I will have a toddler and a baby, these are 2 things I didn't want to live without. (I am so glad this is my last month of hauling a toddler, diaper bag, and 100 lbs of groceries up the stairs while I am pregnant).

anyway, this is our first, little (its only 1600 sq. ft) starter home. And we will only be in it for 2 years (not worried about selling b.c everything EVERYTHING everything we looked at sold before we could even get our hands on it--in this price range (low).

enjoy the tour! These are all photos I took right after we signed the deal.
The back. Yes, its vinyl siding, not my faves, but this isn't the house we'll be in forever!
Fenced in backyard. not necessarily the best view, but I don't care because of the following scenario:
Olivia: "outside? okay. outside? peaaase!" 
ME: (in our new house) sure! let me just open these doors and you can go play in the backyard. YES!!!!!!!!!!!
all new stainless steel appliances?? YES! cherry wood cabinets? not so much, but we'll see if I have the energy to repaint them white. 
Lots of counter space??? YES!!!!!! speckled granite? not so much, but at least they are nice and new.
Brand new washer dryer!!!! woo hoo!
(this says: wish it had wood floors, but that's okay. Not a fan of the tan paint (throughout the whole house....) but I have lots of ideas for that. I LOVE all the light in this room.)

TWO walk-in closets in the master??? AWWW YEAH. Franc will get at least 1/2 of one of those:)
The tiling in the bath? Nothing a shower curtain can't hide. At least its all new, esp. the grout.
2 Kids rooms. yes! Can't wait to paint these!
kid bathroom
Hallway to dining room, kitchen, and future playroom/studio (its bigger than it looks, and there is a small part of the wall that juts out to divide the dining area). I am so happy that I can see my backyard while in the kitchen so Olivia can play!

CONCLUSION: I am THRILLED to not be in an apartment anymore--soon. And even though this house isn't everything I've ever dreamed of, it is more than I could even wish for at this time in our lives. I am so excited to live in it and I have a million ideas going around in my head of how I can decorate it! Hope you guys want to see them all, and what I do, b./c I have a feeling I'll be posting about it all:)


Katy said...

Katie, it looks AWESOME! I've put 2 offers in on places in West Palm and both have been turned down (I guess we're offering too low or too late), but I'm so excited to hang out at your place next year!! Parties at the Kortmans! And I'll definitely help you paint, if you help me with all your fabulously creative ideas :-)

Talk soon,

Lisa said...

So excited for you guys!

Jill said...

Katie! It looks great...for those of us that don't have that artistic gene..these are the neutrals you look because you can do anything with them! I'm excited to see what you do with your kids rooms, and all of it is great for what you have coming up (new baby) and no deck for Olivia to climb down to get to the outside...enough room for everything you need. It looks perfect! Just wish it was located in Suwanee GA instead.

Anonymous said...

Loved the front!
looks so pretty!
congrats girl!

Lori Collett said...

It looks amazing! I can't wait to see pictures once you are done with it :) but I agree with jill, I wish it was here instead....

Delia said...

Congrats. I think it's a beautiful first house. I love your yellow-ish door.

Lorie said...

It is beautiful! I can't wait to see all the changes you make!

Congrats on your new home!

ed and brooke said...

Wow! Katie! So exciting! That backyard is going to be your new bff. I love it that I can just open the back door up when im making dinner (used to be the worst time of day) and Esley is so content playing by himself with toys or in my flower pots (you have to choose your battles, right?). I'm so thrilled for you!

Cheynna said...
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Cristy said...

I am so happy for you!! I love seeing all the before pics because I have a feeling it's all going to change! PS - white cabinets are a great idea. I used to love all things dark until I moved to the North West. Now I want light and bright to beat the gloom!

Margret said...

great news! so lovely to have the extra space but more lovely that it is yours, so you can dream and make it your own.

phia said...

Katie, I love it! I feel your pain of apartments.
It is very cute.
Sophia Crenshaw

Rina said...

Katie! Your new house is beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing, but to each her own. ;)

Backyards are the best and I'm glad you get to enjoy such a luxury!!!

sarah marie. said...

it's darling! i'm so excited for you.

Darcey said...

house warming party?

Taylor {Sew Much Love} said...

Congrats on your first house! That's so exciting! I'm so jealous! We are probably looking at one more year in an apartment! :( Look forward to seeing pictures of the new places when you've got it all fixed up!

Micaela said...

oh my goodness, CONGRATS to you both!!!

SO EXCITED! it's gorgeous!!!!! i can't wait to see how you make it yours. :)


Sarah said...

Congrats! So exciting- I also can't wait to see what you do with the house. I love seeing what others do with their living spaces. How fun!

Unknown said...

We are house hunting right now. I envy that you're done with the process. Also that you get to paint before little one arrives. Baby's already here, and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to paint and refinish floors with two little ones running/inchworming around. Enjoy the new house, especially the great yard.

Andrea said...

I'm a little late in commenting, but congratulations! Can't wait to see what fantastic and creative things you're going to do in there.

I also wanted to let you know that I've given you a blog award! See this post for details:


Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas and creations!


Craig and Crystal said...

Where in South Florida? We were looking near Ft. Lauderdale (to rent) and it was way too expensive for us! Wish we had the down payment to buy! Have a blast redecorating!