Monday, March 14, 2011

Throwing a party anytime soon?

I am in charge of an interest group at my church where each month we get together and learn about a different topic (I find someone who is talented in that subject area, or knows alot about it to teach us).

This month we are learning about planning a great party (kids, showers, etc), so since it was on my mind I thought I would do a post of inspiring party decor! Enjoy:)
images from my pinterest boards
I know big tissue paper poufs are all the party rage right now, and I should be over them, but I thought these two clusters kind of went beyond the norm. I love the contrasting textures in the first image.
a great alternative to the poufs!
I love how simple these would be to make!
for a 50th.... or you could do it for any birthday (or anniversary)!
cute for a little girl's party
cute wrapping with cupcake liners!
what to wear to your party or for a fun photobooth (with props)
or wear confetti, pom-poms and flowers!

And you can try out my birthday hat tutorial from Olivia's "O" themed first birthday party!


Diana Smith said...

I didn't know you were mormon!! thats awesome, so am i! All these party ideas are soo fun!! And we both have daughters named Olivia, GREAT name!

Mora said...

I am so going to plan a birthday party with at least one of these ingenious ideas! I know someone who is having a thirtieth soon!
Keep on showering us with your creativity!

Dana said...

wish i had a party to all these! the second picture of the poufs is my fav! along with the edible tea cups! yum!