Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pimp my house...

well, as it turns out NOT my house. The lenders decided not to give us the loan 2 weeks before we closed. And we tried everything in our power to make it still happen, and it just wouldn't work. Near perfect credit and enough income, but there are are little details that just made them say "no." And well, it just must not have been meant to be. It was VERY hard for me at first. I have a sketchbook filled with little painted rooms/mock-ups I did as I was deciding how to decorate my very first house. So I was a little let down when it all went to pot:( BUT MOVING ON!!!

We aren't going to buy, but rather KEEP renting. ugh. But I swear I will get a single family house or something as close to it if I can find one in our budget (and renting something smaller than what we would have had is going to run us at least $300 MORE per month then if we'd bought that house!!!!) grr.

anyway, I am putting up some of the inspiration I was using for the old one, and though I probably won't get to paint my rental, I can still dream of the future...and share it with all of you in the meantime:)

 I love the color schemes of the top two photos, bright but classic (I tend to go with bright and funky, but I am trying to be more classic if possible!!!). My last statement completely contradicts this next one: I would love couch in the photo on the bottom left... (maybe slightly different, but definitely digging the mixed patterns. my couch is close, but not quite there). And I will definitely be doing one of those painted IKEA rugs (not sure what pattern yet) for my new pad. I am getting sick of all my anthro rugs that I've had for the past 6 yrs.
 1. chalkboard contact paper. At least I can keep this idea, since contact paper works in rentals:) Not sure if I'll do a calendar or if I'll do it for the play area, but I definitely want some!
2. oh how I love the chartreuse walls next to the white bookshelves, and esp. all those little pops of color... one day.
3.I was planning on doing fat stripes (either grey or aqua) in my living room. Not so much anymore, unless I do them with contact paper. This rental house maybe covered in contact paper....
4. I can still do this one! I want to refresh some of my furniture (that I painted LAST time I moved and was pregnant:), and I like the two-toned look.
Organizing and Decorating:
1.I've always like the idea of the pipe clamp things with the mason jars. Combine it with painting the insides of them and it could be very pretty!
2.Chandelier... I think I could make this with beads and embroidery hoops. If my infant (only 10/11 wks to go), toddler and my business all give me a little time off so I can do it:)
3. you can't tell from the bottom left photo but this is chicken wire and clothes pins! Great alternative to bulletin boards!
4. These are actually bookshelf frames you can buy, but I think I could make them cheaper with thrifted shadow boxes all painted the same color (take out the glass and backing).


the Richards said...

KT you are awesome. Seriously, keep up the dreaming and designing because you are a real inspiration to me.

Andrea said...

Oh NO! I'm so sorry about the house. Going through the process of buying my first home, too, I understand all of the strange little "somethings" that can make everything go wrong, and cause you to lose sleep over (in our case, a last minute switch to another bank was required while getting our mortgage approval....we've still got another few weeks before closing).

Like you, I've been obsessively collecting inspiration and creating mood boards...Thanks soo much for sharing yours (because though we've clearly been inspired by some of the same images, you've got a lot of new ones in there, too).

I'm sure you'll do wonders in your next rental.

Emily said...

Oooo- I saw that couch somewhere in blogland earlier this week and fell in love! And that chandeleir- you gotta' do a tutorial if you decide to DIY- it is so incredibly amazeballs.

Sorry about the house disappointment- I hate when that happens. I'll spare you the whole "another door will open" speech (or is it a window?). It sucks. Let it suck. And keep on gathering inspiration. I know you'll make wherever you live comfortable and awesome!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry about the house but you'll find something else--hopefully something even better! And of course you'll make your rental look amazing too.

That chandelier is so cool...