Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching up...

I've moved down to Florida and I am still homeless (well not really since I am staying with my parents, but homeless and in I CAN'T catch a break on finding something to rent!). I've been busy trying to run around and get all my affairs in order down here and so my blog has been neglected! sorry!

anyway, above are a some coordinating outfits I made for the baby (still nameless--but I TOTALLY tallied up everyone's votes to see what you all thought! Bridget was #1, and Thea was #2), olivia, and I to wear after she is born! I made them out of old shirts of mine that I was going to throw away. I just need to make something for Franc now--maybe a bowtie?

In other news I did buy two vintage/antique couches, a side table, and a lamp today! I will definitely post photos when I take them.

 don't leave me! or else this little munchkin will be very mad.... don't worry, I will be up and posting one day soon again. promise:)


sarah / book bound bindery said...

love all of olivia's accessories! good luck with your house hunt

Claire Kiefer said...

I looooove her little face. She's the cutest.

Alia said...


I follow your blog! I really like your posts! Good job!

Could you please stop by my blog too?