Thursday, September 1, 2011

my favorite night of the week and Bjork

 This photo has nothing to do with this post but I love it. Love the petals, the colors, the eye make-up. Maybe I should be Bjork for Halloween. Did I ever mention that one of the major things that attracted me to my husband when I first met him was that he was buying a dvd of Bjork's music videos? I knew he would be good for me. Afterall... how weird could I possibly seem to someone who likes Bjork???

It's my favorite day of the week! why? Because my mom comes over to watch Project Runway with me (and my husband....). I realized my mom was my best friend when I got to college, convenient since I was on the other side of the country from her. I came back to Florida for one other year since then (I graduated over 12 years ago so...), but we lived in Miami which is over an hour away. The next two years may be the only 2 years I ever live this close to her, so I treasure every second I get! Anyway, she comes over, we watch and critique and drink Dr.Pepper. Its an awesome night. Hooray for Thursdays!

side note: I got 4 hrs of interrupted sleep last night. Normally I get at least 5-7 (uninterrupted). I want to die. Don't sign up for "Mommy and Me" classes when you have a 2 yrs old and a 2 month old nursing infant- NO FUN. I was a sweaty stress mess this morning.


Alice said...

I feel for you, my eyes sting so bad today from no sleep last night, Sylvia is sick.

the Richards said...

YES. You should totally be bjork for halloween. I would love to see pics of that. The only hard part is which costume? The swan? The Japanese komono? So many fun outfits...