Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Yes I have too many tabs open.... but here it is! The little blurb giving a small hint of what's to come on my FAB.COM sale tomorrow! woopee! There are more styles and colors than what is shown here and the price will be a good one (cheaper than you can buy them anywhere else). So sign up here and get ready for tomorrow (and Fri. and Sat.---its a 3 day sale).

And I totally thought it was dorky to have my profile photo of me wearing one of my headbands but I couldn't find a better photo of myself that didn't have someone else's head right next to mine. Or at least I didn't have time to search through the 20,485 photos on my computer to find one because I needed to work on my headbands!!!!

wish me luck on this sale! I basically gave up all fun December projects (except one which I will post about next week) and cleaning of my house to make headbands NON-STOP.


Rina said...

That's great Katie. Did you ever picture yourself in the headband making art all those years in art school? Funny where life takes you. You do great work!

Andrea said...

This is awesome, Katie!

Scotty and Chels said...

Very cool! Your headbands are gorgeous!

Shira said...

This is such amazing news! You are famous! So proud of you Katie!!!