Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a kitchenette for my girls

I made my girls (though it was given to Olivia for Christmas I will MAKE her share it with Amélie when the time comes!) a little kitchenette. You've seen them all over pinterest, and now you've seen one on here. Only mine is missing the faucet. and an oven handle.

I bought this scrappy weird wood thing for $2 back in May with the intentions of making it into a kitchen and never got a chance. Next thing I know it is Christmas eve-eve and I REALLY wanted to do it, but I am swamped with the fab thing. So I got my husband to do the dirty work (the  spray-painting and cutting) and on Christmas eve I painted all the details and sewed the curtains. Done. well minus the faucet (and the oven handle, but my husband put the oven door on upside down so.....). I need to buy the letter "J" at the craft store and make it the faucet (saw it on another one).

The best thing about this baby is that I only spent $2.25 out of pocket! EVERYTHING else I scavanged from various places.

-little wooden "eggs" from the craft store (that I happened to have) for knobs
-old wooden drawer knobs for the "temperature" knobs
-used contact paper to cut circles out of, cover the stove-top and then spray the red burners on (same with all other detailing)

-the bottom part had a big space and no sides, so I sewed curtains and then attached them with velcro. sticky velcro on the wood part (underneath) and sew-able velcro on the the fabric.

**and thanks to my father-in-law who cut out the burners and the hole for the sink.
 and to my parents for their white spray paint!

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Anonymous said...

so cute, and why can't they wiggle their noses to have water appear or the oven to open? they have to be creative just like Mommy is!
great job
debiNicol at yahoo dot com