Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spoon people

Before Pinterest was ever created I saw these spoon people on Fine Little Day. I would have pinned the crap out of them, had it existed. The idea was so cool though, that it stuck in the back of my brain and stayed there until 2 days ago when I finally made my own.

Hers are, of course, much cooler. BUT I wanted mine to have another function, which is to use them in our weekly (hopefully one day) "Family Home Evenings."  SO I made one that represents Franc, me, Olivia, and Amélie. Yes, my art skills are much better than this, but I just wanted them to A. be fast (took me about 45 min.) B. not to have to look at any photos or blah blah C. not be stuck at their current age (I didn't want Amelie to forever look like a baby, or Olivia a toddler... so I just did their general features).

Anyway, I didn't look at Fine Little Day's spoons when I did them, but now I am thinking maybe I should paint some clothes, or put some fun little details. But really, since I have 4,697 more projects to get to (before someone make me make another headband), I probably will leave it at this.

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