Monday, April 2, 2012


 I love instagram. I have coveted instagrammers ever since I first heard about the app (but I never had an iphone (still don't---new ipad) so I couldn't do it! I am so glad I can capture the everyday so much easier  now (not that its easier than a camera, it just is easier to publish it into books----BLURB!!!!). I am lazy about uploading photos and all that, so this just makes it a tad easier.
This might be my favorite shot captured by my ipad to date (I've only taken like 25). I love the pure joy and movement that is so perfectly Amélie!

Okay back to business. (I mean how many people who read this blog REALLY care about photos of my girls?? not many I'm sure---which is okay because I really didn't care about other people's kids until I had some of my own!!)
 I am still in the process of making my girls' Easter dresses. ( I couldn't start until after FAB so it didn't give me much time (like I just started Thursday). Anyway, here is just a little taste. These are the collars that will top the sheath. I made them detached so I could put them with other things they own! (You all know I love a collar!!!)
And here is miss Amélie trying hers on. Do you see that scalloped edging? Pretty sweet. Just figured out how to do that on my machine (patting myself on the back) photo courtesy of instagram, thank you. ( I have mine set to private, so if you want to friend me you have to ask---no creeps allowed.)


Kendra said...

Adorable! You must have a great machine to get scalloped edges. I'm pregnant with my first and I definitely look forward to making him cute things!

Shira said...

1) Love love love these photos. 2) Love seeing pics of your girls, but I guess that comment was directed more for other fans. 3) LOVE the collars. What can you invent for a baby boy like that?!


Unknown said...

how is it that i did not see this post with that absolutely adorable, yummy and delicious photo of amelie?????? (the last one) she is too much!