Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 I am over wrapping things in yarn as of yesterday.  
 I also have no idea where to put it. I originally thought Olivia's room but it is so packed with stuff right now, I am not sure! Anyway,  here is my finished product. I just papier-machéd over the bull skull (wrapped in saran-wrap), cut it off, and then taped and re-papier-machéd it. I then wrapped it in yarn with hot glue. Don't you love how I accidentally reattached the horns going two different directions?? WHOOPS! It drives my husband crazy, but I kind of think its funny and I don't care enough to fix it.
Oh yeah, and there are my wrapped and braided cords that have no covering for the lightbulbs. Eventually.


Yvette said...

Love the bull head! It looks really cool. I like the horns, too.

angel said...

Love the yarn bull, we are ranchers and bull horns do turn the wrong way sometimes.