Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy busy

 FINALLY getting to the project I had started ages ago... (remember my papier mache project? (I can't find the link since my computer is slow. sorry).  I'm starting to wrap it and I am so excited about it!
Random Side not: I  love dressing Olivia and I am usually jealous that I can't wear her outfits. These tights are killer (recognize the dress??!)

In other busy-fying news, I am teaching a 1 hour lesson on healthy eating tonight at church. I am very excited but I was just asked, um like 5 days ago so its taking up all my free time! I will get back to the blog soon enough folks. Soon enough. Oh and I am reading this for my book club. Loving it.


Clair said...

How fun! Good luck on your lesson! You have a lot of knowledge in that arena and can help a lot of people for sure.

Mora said...

She is too precious for words!