Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bat Silhouettes for Halloween! With free pdfs.

 This year Olivia is 3 (not pictured) and old enough to be super into Halloween. So I finally decided to do some real decorating. I've been waiting for the day I had kids old enough to make the holidays magical again! I can't wait to be an awesome holiday mom, like mine always was! (Speaking of... check out her shop for high-quality, beautiful paper holiday decor (including some sweet large crows for Halloween!)
 So here are my flying bats. I need to cut out more so I can continue them onto this wall.... (and the little circles on those wood things are actually skulls).
 So, if you want to make some of these bats yourself, here are the ones I drew, which you can print onto cardstock, and then cut and trace them onto black posterboard! So easy (though it takes awhile).
BATS 1    BATS 2   BATS 3
And here are the decorations (the only ones) I've been putting out for the past 3 years. Still love these skeletons, and this year olivia and I made fingerprint spiders. She was so proud of her "spooky" spiders, she kept trying to show and scare her daddy (and when he feigned fear, she told him not to worry, "they are just cute daddy, they aren't real").


Lesley said...

LOVE this katie. you are such a fun mama. so inspiring! i don't think i'll need to create cobwebs or such this year. they're naturally occurring at my mess of a house. sheesh!

Between Blue and Yellow said...

Those bats look awesome! Your home is beautiful, you've done a great job making it your own.

sarah / book bound bindery said...

i love these! i hope it goes viral and makes you famous because more people should know about you.

Jen Hsieh said...

I adore the flying bats! What an easy way to add some Halloween spirit into your home. :)