Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Sponsor: REEVE WRITES!

I am thrilled to tell you all about my new sponsor Reeve Coobs of the blog "Reeve Writes." I often look at decorating and crafting blogs, but until now hadn't wandered onto the blogs of any musicians. I love Reeve's perspectives on things, not as a just a DIY'er (though she does have some cool DIY's as seen below), but as a song writer and singer.  And her music? Her voice? Amazing.

In Reeve's words: I'm a singer-songwriter living in Davidson, NC. I'm in the process of finishing up my first full-length studio album, YAY! I love sad songs, dissonant harmony, drums that make you move, and songs with an element of surprise. You can read more about her fun, quirky personality here. I personally can't wait to here her album when it is finished. Her voice, both literal and written are the kind I like to listen to when I paint, craft, or do other creative things. Gorgeous.

 Music to buy and sample here
tutorial found here.
So check this girl out! You will love her too, I am sure!

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reeve said...

aw, thanks so much for all your kind words! I'm so excited to be sponsoring you:)