Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm dying and dyeing.

I am DYING over these new baby headbands and make-up bags... I also made adult versions of the headbands (on a regular headband)... I seriously freak out in joy when I put these on. Do you know what I mean? when you create something new that you just absolutely love? this doesn't happen all the time, but when it does its such a rush.

and I DYED all this wool felt over the weekend. for tips look back at this post. you KNOW how obsessed I am with dyeing things. and doing all these colors? it was a big ol' mess a fun.


Alice said...

HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU HAVE TIME TO DO THIS? Finn makes me stare at him all day long. Seriously, if I'm not on the floor near him he's screaming...he's also happier when I'm looking at him...oh this child. I love him so much but seriously...I think I might have spoiled him with my constant attention.

dannii said...

i looove all the new headbands and all the dyeing. i kind of dream about it now. i look with lustful eyes at fabric items and think what i could do with a bucket of dye.

i agree with alice, too: where do you find time for all of this? yo are amazing!