Sunday, November 1, 2009


lately this is what my desk looks like. not one of those pretty photos you see on people's blogs, where its all cluttered, but somehow looks so cool... no this is what a real mess looks like. and luckily for my husband and all visitors, I have finally moved it from the living room floor to my desk. (if you have followed this blog for awhile and thought I had this big studio room, well that was my OLD apartment, and in the new one it is TINY.) oh and the mess has increased in size.
these are what I have been making in that mess of a studio. I will be selling them at the INDIE CRAFT EXPERIENCE (like last year) and also at the stores on my sidebar. oh and whatever is leftover will go on etsy. or maybe I will make duplicates of the popular ones.
I made this vintage crochet doilie into a kerchief/collar and love the way it looked draped on my lamp. I have been re-obsessing over crochet collars again. I have this love for them that re-manifests itself periodically. well, I love collars in general.

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dannii said...

oh man, i remember you had this one collar remade from an old crocheted something - it was like a baby blue shrug i think. anyway, you wore it one time i came over to see youa nd franc at andrew's place in utah. hmmm ... i have tried to replicate ever since.