Thursday, November 19, 2009

its a little different this time

these are some necklaces i kept daydreaming about and then finally made a couple days ago. i want to eat them up, i love them so much. they are made from the wool felt i dyed a couple weeks ago. they are delicious:)
this year i am a little more organized. the display is a little cleaner, and i have more stock.... i ran out last year! (i didn't know people would like my stuff so much, we were just hoping to pay off the booth!)
this year my bags are packed, the prices are marked and i am ready to go DAYS BEFORE the show, rather than the night before.... why you ask???? see below.
because i have been busy chillin' with olivia. you know, just chattin on the couch. talkin about girl stuff. cause that's what best friends do.

oh, and b/c i have to use every spare moment to get ready since she occupies most of my time. i can't expect to get it all done the night before!! DON'T FORGET TO COME VISIT ME AT I.C.E ON SATURDAY! info below and its $5 to get in. and i don't have a credit card machine unfortunately.


JeebusPhoebus said...

Aw lol!!! Have fun!!! =D

Clair said...

I love that last pic of you and Olivia!!