Monday, November 23, 2009

Pictured above: loyal customers!!! oh but of course these are THE only photos I took of the whole day. not one of my booth or anything. I was a little preoccupied with the baby this time I guess!!!

it was great to see so many blueeyedfreckle fans at I.C.E last saturday! i had no idea how many people read this blog, so it was fun to find out there is a reason for this thing! it kinda gave me the desire to put more effort into this one. i mean, i really should post more often if there are people interested in reading what i have to say!!! so... i will:) more tutorials, more inspiration. more of my house and blueeyedfreckle. pinky promise:)

as for I.C.E, well we did great again this year and LUCKILY Olivia was an angel. of course without the help of my mother-in-law who was so kind as too walk her around in the baby bjorn all day, it might not have been so easy! Unfortunately I didn't get much time to walk around to the other vendors this year, b/c Franc was helping with the baby most of the day while I manned the booth. From what I saw though, there was some very very very cool stuff around. Its like the best of Etsy, in real 3-D life!

unfortunately some one (and I actually know who did it) decided to steal one of my headbands. that's right they thought, "oh I really love this, and I just don't have $15 to spare for this HAND-DYED, HAND CUT wool felt, ribbon, and leather headband. I think I will just steal it. directly from the person who made it. yep. good idea."

It was a slap in the face. but I moved on eventually. And a nice thing was meeting some of my collectors?? should I call them? One girl, Katie, (nice name right:), she says she has a whole drawer devoted to blueeyedfreckle headbands. And I believe it. She has ordered so many!

I.C.E was all in all a wonderful experience. I mean, yes somebody stole from me. But other than that, it was just a reassuring experience for me. people DO like my stuff and think its interesting and beautiful. It is easy as an artist and designer to wonder if anyone else will like what you like. Everyone is so different. And sometimes things that you think are beautiful, others think are just weird. so experiences like this help me have the confidence to keep making things for other people. Thank you:)

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