Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tutorials coming to a blog near you... (this one)

okay, so this isn't a tutorial, but it IS a photo of my scraps. I wanted to write a little post about how I use every last scrap of my felt. I mean if you painstakingly hand-dyed your felt you would use it up too, right? plus, I like to not have waste. AND I am often inspired by my scraps. many a headband or necklace was created after seeing some pretty scraps lying next to each other!
coming: how-to make a super cute baby onesie, or really a super cute shirt for anyone!
And...How to make a gored tree skirt! I will be posting these tutorials in the next couple days. stay tuned! I told you I was going to try to up the anty on this blog! Now I just need someone to help me make it look better. Like.... can someone tell me how to round the edges of my photos? or how to make cute button/menus for better blog navigation??? HELP!!

oh and I have been mulling over the idea for some time now, to change the blog name to "while you were napping..." but I am scared that if I redo the blog I will no longer have any followers? any suggestions, ideas, opinions?

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