Thursday, December 10, 2009

want some tape

any anyone want to buy these for me so i can
make some cool stuff??? like this cool garland or just to adorn some envelopes???

i love japanese washi paper tape. i have always loved colored masking tape. in fact i have made a few different masking tape murals in my day...

last year I made this paper and masking tape mural for my art room at Weber.
And the year before that I made this tape mural for my art students at Mater Academy.

and in 2003 I made this tape mural in my apartment in Chicago. and then I taped this boy into it for fun.


Alice said...

I have some of that and LOVE IT! So expensive though...annoying huh?

Francisco said...

I really love your tape murals, but...that last one had a bad element. It may have been that guy in it. Tape Thumbs up; guy thumbs down.

Tasha Guinn said...

I have never seen this stuff, but I want some! How fun!