Monday, December 7, 2009

ornament inspiration

For the owl-lover, I love this one with the pinks and oranges.
Here is a bird rattle I made back when I was pregnant. It hangs over Olivia's carseat and she loves it! I roughly followed the bird pattern on this site, then embellished it with felt and stuck a bell inside so it would jingle. I think it would make a great ornament too (no bell needed).
My mom loved Olivia's rattle so much that she asked me to make some non-hanging ones for her birthday (I gave her these back in November). YOu could do 2 white ones and make them represent turtle doves?
I love these little terranium ornaments I saw on cup of jo.
And these cool polaroid ornaments (made by just inserting a regular photo into a felt "polaroid" sleeve. (saw these on how about orange).
I had actually been contemplating making some like this (retro), and then saw the link for these ones on how about orange also!
And THIS one is soooo simple! And yet looks fancy! also linked on how about orange.....

So get ornament making people! I don't know if I actually have time to make ornaments for myself this year, but I have a feeling I will be making some for other people!

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